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The IPv6 Smartkit guides you from start to finish through migration to IPv6 and supports the daily operation of IPv6 networks. The IPv6 Smartkit was put together for you by our experts.

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The IPv6 Smartkit, created by our team of network specialists and industry experts, will enable you to plan your individual path to a powerful and sustainable IPv6 strategy.

what is IPv6?
What is IPv6?

IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) is the latest version of the Internet Protocol used to transmit data over the Internet. IPv6 was developed to support the growth of the Internet and the ever-increasing number of devices connected to it.

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The IPv6 Smartkit

Route 128 has developed the world's leading knowledge base for IPv6 integration. The Smartkit starts by giving you a basic understanding of IPv6, leads you through project planning, and gives detailed technical guidance for implementation.

Why IPv6?

IPv6 solves the resource problems inherent in IPv4, is more secure, and is more efficient.

Do I need to switch to IPv6?

IPv6 offers a significantly larger number of IP addresses than the previous version, IPv4. This allows for many more devices to be online simultaneously. IPv4 provides only 4.3 billion addresses, whereas IPv6 provides a practically unlimited number of addresses. This is important because the number of connected devices worldwide is constantly increasing. As many devices are now IPv6-enabled, the new protocol standard is being used to enable the Internet of Things (IoT) and other innovative technologies.

How we can help you

We will guide you through the process of transitioning to IPv6. The IPv6 Smartkit includes all aspects of IPv6 migration and helps you manage the project with checklists. The Smartkit provides you and your team with the IPv6 knowledge necessary for a successful and secure implementation of IPv6 in your network. Configuration examples make it easy to get started.

World's leading IPv6 Knowledge Base

The IPv6 Smartkit was created by industry-leading professionals with decades of combined experience and knowledge. Inside, you will find everything you need for a successful and professional implementation of IPv6. Whether you are a network administrator, IT manager, or simply interested in the subject, our Smartkit offers detailed, experience-based knowledge. From the basics to project planning and technical setups, it's all here.

  • Project Workflow
  • Best Practices
  • Security Guidance
  • Encyclopedia
  • ...

... over 1000 pages of content.

Our team consists of Europe's leading IPv6 experts and network specialists - the Smartkit is the handmade result of decades of practical experience from many IPv6 projects.

Keeping your main travel companions in sight

The IPv6 Smartkit is designed to help you comprehensively from the beginning



The Smartkit provides context for why IPv6 is necessary. This allows everyone in an organization to become familiar with the subject matter.



The Smartkit shows you which path must be taken to introduce IPv6 to your environment.



The Smartkit provides guidance for working with IPv6 cross-platform. It teaches how to configure IPv6 on all major operating systems.



The Smartkit helps you create strong security policies. It includes firewall rules and highlights possible weaknesses in network architectures.



The Smartkit provides background information. It describes in detail how IPv6 and its components work.



The Smartkit provides a broad reference base, including a listing of all relevant RFC specifications.

Here for everyone

Our Smartkit is designed for all target groups and helps you find your individual path to your IPv6 transformation.

It's diverse...

The Smartkit is the toolkit for managers, project managers, and technical IT departments. It contains everything from economic aspects and project management to the deep technical details of the IPv6 protocol.



"Recipes" detail the sub-steps of migration to IPv6 (e.g., network migration, Internet connection with or without BGP, etc...)


You will become familiar with various tools that make working with IPv6 easier: Wireshark, ipv6calc, tcpdump for IPv6, ...



The IPv6 Smartkit makes clear suggestions for security in IPv6 networks. Examples of firewall rules make it easier to get started with secure IPv6 network configurations. Security is always considered from the beginning with IPv6.


The Smartkit introduces you to the intricacies of working with IPv6 and its components, whether it's Neighbor Discovery or various mechanisms for address assignment.


...and connected

The Smartkit provides context: all relevant RFC specifications are described, with links to the originals. The organizations that run the Internet are explained, and a glossary concludes the IPv6 Smartkit.